Asakusa kirara provides you easy/casual kimono experience. Kimono rental in Asakusa,Tokyo.



Experience Kimono Elegance at Asakusa Kirara

Ever wanted to try on a kimono? We make it easy! Our professional kimono fitters will outfit you with a color coordinated, high quality kimono at an affordable price. Why not visit us at Asakusa Kirara? Our kimonos are chosen by professionals with more than 80 years of experience.

Convenient access from Asakusa station. Just bring yourself even if it is a rainy day! Go for a walk around Asakusa wearing a beautiful kimono!


I’d love to try on a Kimono and enjoy sightseeing in Asakusa wearing one, but I’ve never worn one before Is it possible for me to go for a walk wearing a kimono?

Don’t worry!
Just go to “Kimono Rental for Kimono Beginners, How Does It Work?”

Kimono Rental Plan at Asakusa Kirara

Our kimonos are chosen by professionals with more than 80 years of experience.
We have kimonos for all images; cute, gorgeous, elegant, and more!

for women

couple plan

Includes;Basic kimono set:Kimono, Obi, nagajuban(garment under kimono), kimono-underwear, bag, tabi socks, zori sandals Outfitting with Professional Dressers, Hair arrangement and ornamentationLadies Plan

Asakusa Kirara has 3 Ladies Plan options:
Prices are; 3900 yen, 4900 yen and 7900 yen (before tax).
You can arrange one of these plans and add options to make your own Kimono experience!

Details of Ladies Plan

for men

Kirara Style Kimono Experience for MenMen’s Plan

We have two Men’s Plan options. Even if you know nothing about wearing kimonos, don’t worry! Our professional staff will be happy to help you find a perfectly coordinated outfit.
Don't hesitate! Just bring yourself!

Details of Men’s Plan

for family

Make a special family moment in Asakusa with kimono outfitting.Family Plan

The Family Plan is for all of your family members 3 years and older. We have an assortment of kimonos for kids too!

Details of Family Plan

Hair set

In addition to kimonos, we also provide various kinds of hair arrangement. We can style your hair for Kyoto elegance, Tokyo Edo-machi Casual arrangements and more!Hair Arrangement

Hair arrangement;
All of our plans includes basic hair arrangement.
If you’d like to try a Traditional Japanese Hair Arrangement, we have many options.

Details of Hair Arrangement

Baggage storage

Leave your bags with us!Luggage Check-In Service

You can stuff as many as you can put inside a bag, which we provide you, the size is: 40cm x 45cm x 25cm, For Free!

Details of Luggage Check-In Service

rainy day servicerainy day service

Kimono Plan List

Asakusa Kirara3 Exclusive Features

  • 01

    Don’t Worry!
    You can find your favorite kimono outfit!

    Our Store Manager, who has over 20 years geisha experience in Kyoto, selects the perfect kimono coordination for you.

    Let her know what kind of look you’d like, gorgeous? cute? elegant?

  • 02

    Asakusa Kirara exclusive;
    Kyoto Elegance & Tokyo-Edo Machi Casual Style

    You can try Kyoto Elegant look or Tokyo-Edo Machi Casual Style experience very easily!

  • 03

    Just Bring Yourself!
    Convenient access from Asakusa Station, only one minute away!

    Only one minute away from Asakusa station.
    Convenient access to both our store and sightseeing in Asakusa!
    Just bring yourself!

    We provide you everything you need for kimono outfit.

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6F Imon asakusa bldg.1-3-2, hanakawado
Taitou-ku Tokyo
One minute from Asakusa Station
Business hours : 10-5pm(Return of Kimono)
TEL : +81-3-5830-3500


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